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The Achievement Trust is a non-profit, independent group dedicated to achieving college success for students from immigrant families. The Trust represents a consortium of more than thirty organizations of educators, student service professionals, students, public officials, scholarship administrators, and community-based groups that conducts a number of related activities:

  • BecasLatinas.org web site that provides information about college eligibility requirements, admissions applications, and financial assistance to students, families, and educators
  • Community briefings and town hall forums in partnership with local education and public officials
  • Workshops and technical assistance for financial aid, registrar, and student academic support professionals to coordinate campus and regional student financial aid, enrollment, and retention services
  • Advocating for student-oriented state and federal public policies such as the Dream Act, California AB 540, and the expansion of state and federal financial assistance, and
  • Raising funds for special Becas Latinas scholarships to community college and university students providing technical assistance and referrals to other scholarship programs

Established in September 2008, the Achievement Trust is based in Northern California. It is co-sponsored by the Greenlining Institute of Berkeley, working in collaboration with the Chicana/Latina Foundation in Burlingame, the Éxito Escolar scholarship program of KDTV-14 Univisión in San Francisco, and Nueva Vista Media in Los Angeles and Chicago, Illinois. The Trust has received start-up funding from universities, co-sponsors, and other local donors as well as in-kind support from a number of community college, California State University, and University of California campuses.

1918 University Avenue • Berkeley, CA 94704 •
Email:info@becaslatinas.org • Web Portal:http://www.becaslatinas.org

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